Edd Baldry

I build teams. I collaborate. I move fast. I ship awesome digital projects.

Making good things for amazing people.

I’m based between Bristol and Philadelphia, with previous existences in London and Paris. I work on digital projects with people trying to change the world and with people exploring new directions in which to take technology. I work for @torchbox.

Spanning digital trades

Originally training as a visual designer, I've since worked as a head of digital, a developer, an illustrator, a project manager, editor and digital product designer. I’ve been both client side and within agencies. I've delivered using an array of agile project management frameworks. The diversity of experience enables me to help teams ship products, to budget and deadline, that offer real value to their users.

Some of the people I've worked with

A selection of work

Blood Cancer Connect


Bloodwise came to Torchbox wanting to create a digital service to aggregate all of the blood cancer information in the UK. Using Drupal as a data-store and a Silex front-end that uses Solr for speedy response times the web app offers users a way to personalise and save information they're looking for. The site is currently in an open beta phase. beta.bloodcancerconnect.org.uk

Rock n roll Wagtail


Wagtail is a Django content management system that allows elegant ways of structuring data. Rock n Roll Wagtail is a work-in-progress that was started for a workshop to give an introduction to the CMS and Django. github.com/heymonkeyriot/

CLIC Sargent community


CLIC Sargent offers cancer support for the young. The Community is aimed at young people who have, or have had, cancer. Working with ieDesign we developed an Angular web app using a Drupal data-store through phase one, which we extended in phase two by creating a hybrid-app running across Android and iOS devices. community.clicsargent.org.uk

Arming all Sides


Working again with On the Record and the Campaign Against the Arms Trade we produced a website resource collating the two organisation's research for the hundred year anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. The site was based on a modular content builder allowing us to leverage the richness of the material, from illustrations, photos and quotes, to allow as immersive an experience as possible. armingallsides.org.uk

Sounds from the Park


Sounds from the Park was an experiential project spanning the web, an exhibition space and book. Created for On the Record, the project aimed to capture the unique atmosphere at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, London. The exhibition was linked digitally with QR codes allowing sounds and radio programmes to be contextually explored, whilst the site allowed users to explore in more detail individual stories from those who speak at the Corner. soundsfromthepark.org.uk

On the Record



Fiabilis was a French startup that developed an iOS native app to enable users to authenticate their identification papers. Working as product designer with them in Paris we collaborated together to implement a clean but playful app UI based around Sherlock Holmes.

Panos London

2009 - 2012

Panos London was an international development NGO based in London. Over three years as head of digital a user centered, interative and agile process was adopted for the corporate website, satellite projects and social media. The information architecture was continually refined, based on user research and collaboration within the NGO, to make content easy to find within the site.

Last Hours archive

Last Hours

2003 - 2010

Last Hours was an international radical culture magazine. Initially developed as a promotional tool the website gained in importance over the years of publication, and ultimately replaced the printed version. Based around a simple Wordpress installation the site aided collaboration between the different contributors and through caching and server architecture the site was able to handle traffic peaks around major events, or when featured on large sites such as the BBC, Guardian and The Sun

About me

I have ten years technical digital product development experience leading projects for NGOs, charities and non-profits. I’ve worked as an illustrator @heymonkeyriot, prior to that I was founding editor of radical culture magazine @lasthours. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I graduated from Central St Martin’s Communication Design MA.

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